6.5” Low Profile Dipole/Bipole, Coaxial, Infinite Baffle


The easy to install CS series Dipole/Bipole FastLoc™ speakers are a full range ceiling loudspeaker that incorporates high tech woofer materials with a butyl rubber surround and two fixed angle state-of-theart Ferrofluid cooled dome tweeters.


The FastLoc grill patent no. 8,422,722, is a feature found only at Current Audio. Our design has allowed for the smallest exposed plastic bezel in the industry, truly making it disappear into the mounting surface. The FastLoc grill's unique patent pending mechanism allows for a quick installation and removal of the grill while securely fastening it in place to all types of mounting surfaces. Due to the unique design the grill will conform to uneven surfaces including popcorn, heavy textured and uneven ceilings. While our competitors have chosen to utilize magnets in their
designs thus requiring the use of a steel grill that will rust our design allows us to use corrosion and rust resistant aluminum.

This revolutionary combination provides superior and more natural wider big sound close to what you would experience in a movie theater that has multiple surround speakers. The dual purpose speaker is the perfect choice for both Side Surround and Surround Back applications in one package.


A simple switch on the Tweeter Bridge allows you to choose either Dipole for Side Surround or Bipole for the Surround Back function. In the Dipole function the tweeters are purposely out of phase to create a Null around the listening area that detunes the localization for ambience. When set to Bipole the tweeters are in phase to enhance localization for Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES and THX EX. The Infinite Baffle design makes it the ideal choice for typical applications in open beam attic or enclosed ceilings.


Driver Material: MetaPlex

• This is an electronically bonded substrate on a copolymer cone. Basically it is a trilaminate cone, the first layer is a copolymer base material. The second layer is a material that allows the third layer (green colored surface) to bond to the copolymer.


• Copolymer cones alone are found in other speakers. The key to our material is that the green coating allows for a well damped material (the first layer) to combine with a low mass high stiffness coating (the green layer). This improves the performance by stiffening a cone material that is normally used alone in entry level speakers. Better midrange performance and less bass distortion is the result from less cone breakup.


Tweeter Material: Silk Dome Tweeter

• Our silk dome tweeters use a treated silk soft dome. This material is neutral sounding and is used in many higher end bookshelf and cabinet speakers.

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