8” 2-Way, Coaxial, Infinite Baffle

The easy to install CS802 is a full-range ceiling loudspeaker that incorporates a high grade light weight aluminum woofer with a butyl rubber surround and a diffraction-less aluminum dome Ferrofluid cooled tweeter. This patent pending pivoting tweeter allows for deeper penetration into the room and a concentrated sound to the sweet spot.


This revolutionary combination provides superior and more natural sound for both foreground and background applications. In addition the CS802 incorporates a 3-position equalization switch, one each for bass and treble to fine-tune the acoustics and allow
for various room surfaces. The Infinite Baffle design makes it the ideal choice for typical application in open beam attic or enclosed ceilings.


Driver Material: Aluminum Cone

• This was my favorite driver material for years before we perfected the woven carbon fiber material.

• This is a special aluminum alloy with a hard coat anodized coating.

• Very low moving mass with high stiffness. The result is a driver that has great detail in the midrange. The bass is very tight and detailed. This driver is "warm" sounding, neutral and detailed.


Tweeter Material: Aluminum Dome Tweeter

• This tweeter dome material is not your normal aluminum dome. It is a specially produced aluminum alloy with a hard coat anodized coating.

• This dome allows for minimum distortion of the upper dome in the higher frequency ranges.

• The majority of the energy of the tweeter dome comes from the largest diameter of the dome's sphere. The majority of the acoustical energy does not come from the center of the dome as most people think. In fact, the center of the dome's sphere usually breaks up and causes distortion.

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