120 Watt Six Drivers with Two Tweeter Soundbar with Bluetooth streaming and 180 Watt 8" Wireless Woofer


The SB800 Soundbar describes the latest digital technology in amplified speaker sound bars with a powerful wireless amplified MegaBass subwoofer by Current Audio. The powerful subwoofer can be located anywhere in the room. This is the perfect Home Theater System with a wide sound stage.The system comes with a handheld remote to control power, switch inputs and adjust sound fields. The slim depth and sleek design blends with all flat LED/LCD TV models.

Features and Connections for Soundbar

1. Power Switch-Rear panel switch to cut power for service or hook-up.

2. Input Power Jack-Connect the 12VDC power supply here.


3. Bluetooth streaming

4. Line Inputs–Three input methods are provided on the back panel. Digital Optical or standard analog RCA input from TV.

5. AUX IN-A standard 3.5mm audio jack for MP3, computers or mobile devices.

6. An enclosed accessory pack that includes brackets allowing the SoundBar to be table top or wall mounted.

7. Input power Jack-Connect 110VAC 2 conductor power cord here.

8. Power Mode-Power ON or OFF

9. Match Button and Status LED-Used to sync the SoundBar with the MegaBass for control of the subwoofer.


Application Notes: Hex codes for the remote control


Universal remote control code: The soundbar is compatible with many different universal remote controls. Using the universal remote control library, select a code that will work for Pioneer VSX-523 receiver. This will allow control of power on/off, volume up/down and mute.

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